School Outreach

SwissMAP organizes, takes part, and supports several activities for school students giving them an insight into the field of mathematics.


Mathscope is an out-of-school learning place based at UNIGE, offering exhibits and activities about mathematics and its applications. They are intended to convey the many intellectual, esthetical and emotional values of mathematics to various audiences, from general public to school classes of various age.

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Le Club de Math

The Math Club of UNIGE offers children an opportunity to dicover interesting mathematical concepts and to develop creative scientific thinking by solving olympiad-style problems.


ETH Math Youth Academy

The ETH Math Youth Academy is a project for students who want to engage in creative thinking and to delve deeper into exciting mathematics. The regular weekly classes are in the form of mini-courses on various extracurricular topics.


Cours Euler

Euler Courses at EPFL offer an accelerated and more in-depth school program to talented children, followed by a preview of the university mathematics.


PRIMES Switzerland

PRIMES is a year-long program for high school students. The program offers research projects in various fields of mathematics under the guidance of academic mentors from the Swiss universities.

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Athena_Fly_thumbnail.pngAthena Project

Athena is a semester-long program of anticipated studies for high school students. The program offers students participation in a University of Geneva class during one semester as well as additional mentoring.

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GR_Cosmology.pngGeneral Relativity and Modern Cosmology Course

The University of Geneva proposes a course and several series of learning activities (in French) introducing high school pupils to General Relativity and Modern Cosmology.

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