All About AdS3

Monday, 16 November, 2015 to Friday, 20 November, 2015

Conference "All about AdS3" will take place at the ETH Zurich on 16-20 November 2015.

The AdS/CFT correspondence for the case of 3-dimensional AdS space being dual to a 2d-dimensional CFT is a very promising toy model where many aspects of the duality can be understood and tested in great detail. In recent years much progress has been made in uncovering various aspects of this duality. In particular, a higher spin-CFT duality was proposed and shown to fit in nicely with the expectations coming from the full stringy CFT duality. Furthermore, important progress regarding the formulation of an integrable spin-chain picture of the same system has been made. Both approaches are believed to capture the AdS/CFT duality near the point in moduli space where the gauge theory is weakly coupled. However, so far it has not been possible to relate these different viewpoints with one another in any detail.

The aim of the meeting is to bring leading exponents of these developments together with the hope of making progress with this important question.

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ETH Zürich, HIT E41.1
Wolfgang-Pauli-Str. 27
8093 Zurich