14th June women strike in Switzerland

Thursday, 13 June, 2019

SwissMAP is strongly committed to encourage and promote equal opportunity between women and men. In support of the 14th June women strike in Switzerland we have invited our members not to organize seminars or meetings on that day.

Our Equal Opportunities Committee, chaired and composed of both women and men members, have put in place a number of initiatives and measures to address and reduce the gender gap and improve gender equality in our field.

Mentoring Program for women PhD and Postdocs

Our recently launched Mentoring Program for women PhD and Postdocs members, aims to help women researchers to achieve their goals efficiently and to give access to the knowledge, skills and expertise of more senior SwissMAP participants.

SwissMAP Scholar program 

This program highlights eminent women researchers in mathematics and theoretical physics visiting SwissMAP groups.

Dedicated conferences

We regularly organize and participate in dedicated conferences of which the most recent: Women at the Intersection of Mathematics and high Energy Physics

Support grants

SwissMAP has a number of support grants such as the 50% grants, dual careers grants, Family support and Child care grants.


Finally, The Equal Opportunities Committee would like to take this opportunity to inform our readers of the Academic Manifesto for the Feminist Strike June 14 2019 in Switzerland