Dmitry Chelkak awarded the 2014 Salem Prize

Sunday, 18 January, 2015
Dmitry Chelkak awarded the 2014 Salem Prize

The Salem Prize 2014 is awarded to ETH-ITS Senior Fellow Dmitry Chelkak  (St. Petersburg) for his contributions to establishing scaling limits and proving their conformal invariance and universality for interfaces and lattice fields in the two-dimensional critical Ising model, which confirmed predictions, originating in theoretical physics, and also led to new precise results. The developed methods include discrete analytical estimates in Ahlfors-Beurling style, probabilistic/combinatorial arguments and spinor structures.

The prize, in memory of Raphael Salem, is awarded yearly to young researchers for outstanding contributions to the field of analysis.

Previous winners of the Salem Prize include the following mathematicians N. Varopoulos, R. Hunt, Y. Meyer, C. Fefferman, T. Körner, E.M. Nikisin, H. Montgomery, W. Beckner, M.R. Herman, S.B. Bočkarev, B.E. Dahlberg, G. Pisier, S. Pichorides, P. Jones, A.B. Aleksandrov, J. Bourgain, C. Kenig, T. Wolff, N.G. Makarov, G. David, J.L. Journé, A.L. Vol’berg, J-C. Yoccoz, S.V. Konyagin, C. McMullen, M. Shishikura, S. Treil, K. Astala, H. Eliasson, M. Lacey, C. Thiele, T. Wooley, F. Nazarov, T. Tao, O. Schramm, S. Smirnov, X. Tolsa, E. Lindenstrauss, K. Soundararajan, B. Green, A. Avila, S.Petermichl, A. Venkatesh, B. Klartag, A. Naor, Nalini Anantharaman, Dapeng Zhan, Julien Dubedat and Lawrence Guth.

The prize committee consisted of J. Bourgain, C. Fefferman, P. Jones, N. Nikolski, G. Pisier, P. Sarnak and J-C. Yoccoz.