Math Education Seminar - Mathema an interactive book app

Tuesday, 30 April, 2019

It can be quite a challenge to describe to non-specialists what research mathematicians actually do. If asked, we often stumble in our responses, offering up garbled descriptions which range from the incomprehensible to the vacuous. As an attempt to provide a more considered response, our Science Officer, Paul Turner and Hugo Parlier (University of Luxembourg) wrote a book, Mathema, whose aim is to give some idea of the basic processes of mathematical investigation. They wanted to do this in a way that required few prerequisites, yet which offered a glimpse of the true spirit of mathematics. The novelty of Mathema is that it is an (iPad-based) interactive book-app. 

In this session Paul will present Mathema saying something about their motivations and underlying ideas, and also talk about the challenges they faced creating interactive material. There will be an opportunity for hands-on demonstrations and plenty of discussion.


in this week’s Math Education Seminar our member Paul Turner, will present "Mathema - an interactive book-app"

at UNIGE on Thursday 2nd May from 11:10-12:00 Room 624 Room 624 Acacias (2-4 rue du Lièvre).