Mystery at the Mustard Mansion - Pupils and scientists working together to solve an enigma

Monday, 14 January, 2019
Mystery at Mustard Mansion

On a stormy evening, Colonel Mustard invited the detective Auguste Dublé, Doctor Klaxon and a journalist and art critic to his mansion to show them his collection of scientific art. The highlight of the show : the first plastic balloon owned by Albert Einstein. Suddenly, the lights switched off and when detective August Dublé managed to switch them back on, Colonel Mustard was found laying unconscious, the plastic balloon had burst and a slice of cake had vanished. Luckily, two scientists came to support will help detective Dublé to unmask the culprits thanks to scientific experiments and the public’s collaboration.

« Mystery at the Mustard Mansion » is a play which is part of the project « Et si j’étais scientifique ? » (What if I were a scientist ?) launched by the Département de l’instruction publique (DIP) of Geneva State in the context of the Year of Science and Technologies. This event, held in partnership with the Scienscope of the University of Geneva (UNIGE), EPFL and HES-SO, will welcome 7-grade pupils (7P) of the canton to present portraits of women and men working in different scientific fields as well as the play. Then each class will participate to an interactive workshop organised at either the Scienscope (UNIGE) or in a bus/tent at EPFL.

Written for the occasion by Fathi Ben Aribi, postdoctoral student, Mathscope workshop leader and member of NCCR SwissMAP, this play is entirely performed by Scienscope assistants/workshop leaders and the project leader of the play.

The play will be performed from 14th January to 5th March 2019 in Geneva. For further information or bookings, please contact Shaula Fiorelli, scientific collaborator and SwissMAP Outreach Officer either by email [] or phone [+41 22 379 11 68].