Postdoc and PhD positions at Uni Bern

Monday, 30 November, 2015
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EDIT : The positions have been filled.


Prof. Susanne Reffert is hiring one or two postdoc positions (2 years), starting from autumn 2016, and a PhD position starting from spring or autumn 2016.

Postdoc position:

The postdoc is expected to contribute to the project "Deformed supersymmetric gauge theories from String- and M-theory" and should have expertise in one or several of the following fields:

  • Supersymmetric gauge theories in various dimensions
  • Type II string theories and their dualities
  • D-brane constructions
  • M-theory
  • Type II supergravity backgrounds
  • Integrable models

To apply, please use the Joint postdoc applications related to theories on the unification of fundamental interactions, marking ITP Bern in your list of preferred institutes.

Application deadline: November 30th, 2015


PhD Position:

The PhD position is for 3 years, starting from spring or autumn 2016. This will be advertised separately.