Past events


16/11/2015 to 20/11/2015
ETH Zürich, HIT E41.1 - Zurich - Switzerland

Conference "All about AdS3" will take place at the ETH Zurich on 16-20 November 2015.

12/11/2015 to 14/11/2015
ETH Zurich, Main Building - Zurich - Switzerland

The Symposium will celebrate the 100th anniversary of Einstein's four papers on General Relativity, which he submitted to the Preussische Akademie de Wissenschaften during...

07/10/2015 to 10/10/2015
Plaine de Plainpalais - Switzerland

NCCR SwissMAP has partnered up with the University of Geneva and the Swiss Academy of Sciences (SCNAT) as part of the SCNAT National Traveling Exhibition celebrating their...

14/09/2015 to 30/06/2016
UNIGE - Geneva - Switzerland

Statistical Mechnics project organizes a year-long master class. The aim of the SwissMAP Master class 2015/2016 is to provide a small number of outstanding students with...

07/09/2015 to 09/09/2015
Ramada Hotel Regina Titlis - Engelberg - Switzerland
SwissMAP general meeting

The second general meeting of SwissMAP participants will take place from September 7 to September 9 in Engelberg. The meeting will include the SwissMAP prize ceremony and talks...

01/09/2015 to 05/09/2015
Hotel Sonnwendhof - Engelberg - Switzerland
Engelberg CH

Anna Beliakova is organising the Workshop "Non-semisimple TQFTs and categorification" which will take place on September 1 - 5 in Engelberg.