Past events


27/10/2014 to 31/10/2014
Carouge - Switzerland

Anton Alekseev and Chenchang Zhu are organizing the Higher Structures 2014 conference focused on interaction between higher structures and field theory. It will take place in...

14/10/2014 to 23/10/2014
ETH Zürich — Room HG G 19.2 (14 and 21/10) and HG G 43 (16 and 23/10) - Zürich - Switzerland

J. Kamnitzer will give a mini-course on representation theory, geometric Langlands duality and categorification.

13/10/2014 to 19/12/2014
Amsterdam-Brussels-Geneva-Paris Doctoral School

Geneva is co-hosting the annual doctoral school on Quantum Field Theory, Strings and Gravity, aiming to provide first-year PhD students in string theory with advanced courses...

13/10/2014 to 17/10/2014
ETH Hönggerberg, lecture room HIT E 41.1 - Zurich - Switzerland
Pauli Center

A workshop on "Mathematical Physics and Quantum Mechanics" organized by Martin Fraas and Gian Michele Graf will take place at ETH on 13-17 October 2014.

16/09/2014 to 17/12/2014
Room Y27 H12, Campus Irchel, University of Zurich - Zurich - Switzerland

After introducing some general features about kinetic models, we will focus on the Boltzmann equation. In the first part of the course the

28/08/2014 to 30/08/2014
Leysin - Switzerland
SwissMAP general meeting

The first general meeting of SwissMAP participants will take place from August 28 to August 30 in Leysin.

The meeting will cover technical and scientific aspects of...