Past events


22/03/2017 to 24/03/2017
Villa Battelle - Switzerland

This series of talks will present some of Faddeev's major contributions at the edge between mathematics and physics.

12/02/2017 to 18/02/2017
Hotel Les Sources - Switzerland

The Workshop in Statistical mechanics will take place in Les Diablerets and is organised by Stanislav Smirnov.

22/01/2017 to 27/01/2017
Les Diablerets - Switzerland

This workshop will take place in Les Diablerets on January 22-27, 2017.

Organizers: Anton Alekseev (UniGe), Thierry Lévy (Paris 6), Maria Podkopaeva (UniGe).

16/01/2017 to 19/01/2017
Belalp (VS) - Switzerland

The Informal Geometry/Topology workshop will be held at the Belalp in Valais on 16 - 19 January 2017.

08/01/2017 to 13/01/2017
Les Diablerets - Switzerland

The Winter School in Mathematical Physics of 2017 will take place in Les Diablerets in January 2017.

28/11/2016 to 16/12/2016

Geneva is co-hosting the annual doctoral school on Quantum Field Theory, Strings and Gravity, aiming to provide first-year PhD students in string theory with advanced courses...