On coupling and vacant set level set percolation

Friday, 27 July, 2018

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In this note we discuss vacant set level set percolation on a transient weighted graph. It interpolates between the percolation of the vacant set of random interlacements and the level set percolation of the Gaussian free field. We employ coupling and derive a stochastic domination from which we deduce in a rather general set-up a certain monotonicity property of the percolation function. In the case of regular trees this stochastic domination leads to a strict inequality between some eigenvalues related to Ornstein-Uhlenbeck semi-groups for which we have no direct analytical proof. It underpins a certain strict monotonicity property that has significant consequences for the percolation diagram. It is presently open whether a similar looking diagram holds in the case of Z^d, with d bigger or equal to 3.


Alain-Sol Sznitman