On the Globalization of the Poisson Sigma Model in the BV-BFV Formalism

Monday, 6 August, 2018

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We construct a formal global quantization of the Poisson Sigma Model in the BV-BFV formalism using the perturbative quantization of AKSZ theories on manifolds with boundary and analyze the properties of the boundary BFV operator. Moreover, we consider mixed boundary conditions and show that they lead to quantum anomalies, i.e. to a failure of the (modified differential) Quantum Master Equation. We show that it can be restored by adding boundary terms to the action, at the price of introducing corner terms in the boundary operator. We also show that the quantum Grothendieck connection on the total space of states remains flat, which is necessary for a well-defined BV cohomology.


Alberto S. Cattaneo
Nima Moshayedi
Konstantin Wernli