A holographic dual for string theory on AdS3×S3×S3×S1

Monday, 10 July, 2017

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The CFT dual of string theory on \mathrm{AdS}_3 \times \mathrm{S}^3 \times \mathrm{S}^3 \times \mathrm{S}^1 is conjectured to be the symmetric orbifold of the Sκ theory, provided that one of the two Q_5^\pm quantum numbers is a multiple of the other. We determine the BPS spectrum of the symmetric orbifold in detail, and show that it reproduces precisely the BPS spectrum that was recently calculated in supergravity. We also determine the BPS spectrum of the world-sheet theory that is formulated in terms of WZW models, and show that, apart from some gaps (which are reminiscent of those that appear in the corresponding \mathbb{T}^4 calculation), it also reproduces this BPS spectrum. In fact, the matching seems to work as well as for the familiar \mathbb{T}^4 case, and thus our results give strong support for this proposal.


Lorenz Eberhardt
Matthias R. Gaberdiel
Wei Li