Mean-field Evolution of Fermionic Mixed States

Tuesday, 4 November, 2014

In this paper we study the dynamics of fermionic mixed states in the mean-field regime. We consider initial states which are close to quasi-free states and prove that, under suitable assumptions on the inital data and on the many-body interaction, the quantum evolution of such initial data is well approximated by a suitable quasi-free state. In particular we prove that the evolution of the reduced one-particle density matrix converges, as the number of particles goes to infinity, to the solution of the time-dependent Hartree-Fock equation. Our result holds for all times, and gives effective estimates on the rate of convergence of the many-body dynamics towards the Hartree-Fock one.


Niels Benedikter
Vojkan Jaksic
Marcello Porta
Chiara Saffirio
Benjamin Schlein