Non-local gravity and comparison with observational datasets

Thursday, 27 November, 2014

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We study the cosmological predictions of two recently proposed non-local modifications of General Relativity. Both models have the same number of parameters as ΛCDM, with a mass parameter m replacing the cosmological constant. We implement the cosmological perturbations of the non-local models into a modification of the CLASS Boltzmann code, and we make a full comparison to CMB, BAO and supernova data. We find that the non-local models fit these datasets as well as ΛCDM. For both non-local models parameter estimation using Planck+JLA+BAO data gives a value of H0 higher than in ΛCDM, and in better agreement with the values obtained from local measurements.


Yves Dirian
Stefano Foffa
Martin Kunz
Michele Maggiore
Valeria Pettorino