The S-matrix Bootstrap I: QFT in AdS

Wednesday, 20 July, 2016

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We propose a strategy to study massive Quantum Field Theory (QFT) using conformal bootstrap methods. The idea is to consider QFT in hyperbolic space and study correlation functions of its boundary operators. We show that these are solutions of the crossing equations in one lower dimension. By sending the curvature radius of the background hyperbolic space to infinity we expect to recover flat-space physics. We explain that this regime corresponds to large scaling dimensions of the boundary operators, and discuss how to obtain the flat-space scattering amplitudes from the corresponding limit of the boundary correlators. We implement this strategy to obtain universal bounds on the strength of cubic couplings in 2D flat-space QFTs using 1D conformal bootstrap techniques. Our numerical results match precisely the analytic bounds obtained in our companion paper using S-matrix bootstrap techniques.


Miguel F. Paulos
Joao Penedones
Jonathan Toledo
Balt C. van Rees
Pedro Vieira