Uniform Lipschitz functions on the triangular lattice have logarithmic variations

Friday, 12 October, 2018

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Uniform integer-valued Lipschitz functions on a domain of size N of the triangular lattice are shown to have variations of order \sqrt{\log N}.
The level lines of such functions form a loop O(2) model on the edges of the hexagonal lattice with edge-weight one. An infinite-volume Gibbs measure for the loop O(2) model is constructed as a thermodynamic limit and is shown to be unique. It contains only finite loops and has properties indicative of scale-invariance: macroscopic loops appearing at every scale. The existence of the infinite-volume measure carries over to height functions pinned at 0; the uniqueness of the Gibbs measure does not.
The proof is based on a representation of the loop O(2) model via a pair of spin configurations that are shown to satisfy the FKG inequality. We prove RSW-type estimates for a certain connectivity notion in the aforementioned spin model.


Alexander Glazman
Ioan Manolescu