Universal edge transport in interacting Hall systems

Monday, 28 August, 2017

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We study the edge transport properties of 2d interacting Hall systems, displaying single-mode chiral edge currents. For this class of many-body lattice models, including for instance the interacting Haldane model, we prove the quantization of the edge charge conductance and the bulk-edge correspondence. Instead, the edge Drude weight and the edge susceptibility are interaction-dependent; nevertheless, they satisfy exact universal scaling relations, in agreement with the chiral Luttinger liquid theory. Moreover, charge and spin excitations differ in their velocities, giving rise to the spin-charge separation phenomenon. The analysis is based on exact renormalization group methods, and on a combination of lattice and emergent Ward identities. The non-renormalization of the emergent chiral anomaly plays a crucial role in the proof.


Giovanni Antinucci
Vieri Mastropietro
Marcello Porta