What is the gamma gamma resonance at 750 GeV?

Tuesday, 15 December, 2015

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Run 2 LHC data show hints of a new resonance in the diphoton distribution at an invariant mass of 750 GeV. We analyse the data in terms of a new boson, extracting information on its properties and exploring theoretical interpretations. Scenarios covered include a narrow resonance and, as preliminary indications suggest, a wider resonance. If the width indications persist, the new particle is likely to belong to a strongly-interacting sector. We also show how compatibility between Run 1 and Run 2 data is improved by postulating the existence of an additional heavy particle, whose decays are possibly related to dark matter.


Roberto Franceschini
Gian F. Giudice
Jernej F. Kamenik
Matthew McCullough
Alex Pomarol
Riccardo Rattazzi
Michele Redi
Francesco Riva
Alessandro Strumia
Riccardo Torre