Monday, 21 October, 2019
Alessio Figalli, Yi Ru-Ya Zhang

Let K be a convex polyhedron and \mathscr F its Wulff energy, and let \mathscr C(K) denote the set of convex polyhedra close to K whose faces are parallel to those of K. We show that, for...

Thursday, 10 October, 2019
Alain-Sol Sznitman

We consider random interlacements on \mathbb{Z}^d, d \ge 3. We show that the percolation function that to each u \ge 0 attaches the probability that the origin does not belong to an infinite...

Wednesday, 2 October, 2019
Seung-Joo Lee, Wolfgang Lerche, Timo Weigand

As a refinement of the Swampland Distance Conjecture, we propose that a quantum gravitational theory in an infinite distance limit of its moduli space either decompactifies, or reduces to an...

Tuesday, 1 October, 2019
Arthur Jacot, Franck Gabriel, Clément Hongler

The dynamics of DNNs during gradient descent is described by the so-called Neural Tangent Kernel (NTK). In this article, we show that the NTK allows one to gain precise insight into the Hessian...

Thursday, 26 September, 2019
Marcos Marino, Tomas Reis

In integrable field theories in two dimensions, the Bethe ansatz can be used to compute exactly the ground state energy in the presence of an external field coupled to a conserved charge. We...

Wednesday, 25 September, 2019
Tobias Diez, Tudor S. Ratiu

Given a closed surface endowed with a volume form, we equip the space of compatible Riemannian structures with the structure of an infinite-dimensional symplectic manifold. We show that the...

Friday, 20 September, 2019
Robert Brandenberger, Jürg Fröhlich, Ryo Namba

In a recent publication \cite{us}, a cosmological scenario featuring a scalar field, φ, that is a source for Dark Matter and Dark Energy has been proposed. In this paper, a concrete realization...

Friday, 20 September, 2019
Tudor S. Ratiu, Nguyen Tien Zung

The main purpose of this paper is to investigate commuting flows and integrable systems on the configuration spaces of planar linkages. Our study leads to the definition of a natural volume form...

Wednesday, 18 September, 2019
Domenico Orlando, Susanne Reffert, Francesco Sannino

We investigate four-dimensional near-conformal dynamics by means of the large-charge limit. We first introduce and justify the formalism in which near-conformal invariance is insured by adding a...

Thursday, 12 September, 2019
Jonas Allemann, Norbert Hungerbühler, Micha Wasem

We obtain a formula for the number of horizontal equilibria of a planar convex body K with respect to a center of mass O in terms of the winding number of the evolute of \partial K with respect...

Tuesday, 10 September, 2019
Jean-Pierre Eckmann, Farbod Hassani

We study the sensitivity of the computed orbits for the Kepler problem, both for continuous space, and discretizations of space. While it is known that energy can be very well preserved with...

Thursday, 5 September, 2019
Louis-Hadrien Robert, Emmanuel Wagner

We provide a finite dimensional categorification of the symmetric evaluation of \mathfrak{sl}_N-webs using foam technology. As an output we obtain a symmetric link homology theory categorifying...