Thursday, 24 September, 2015
Daniel Friedan, Christoph A. Keller

Holomorphic fields play an important role in 2d conformal field theory. We generalize them to d>2 by introducing the notion of Cauchy conformal fields, which satisfy a first order...

Friday, 18 September, 2015
Alberto S. Cattaneo, Michele Schiavina

The present paper shows that General Relativity in the ADM formalism admits a BV-BFV formulation in the sense of Cattaneo, Mnev and Reshetikhin. More precisely, for any d+1≠2 (pseudo-)Riemannian...

Thursday, 17 September, 2015
Ilia Itenberg, Grigory Mikhalkin, Johannes Rau

From a topological viewpoint, a rational curve in the real projective plane is generically a smoothly immersed circle and a finite collection of isolated points. We give an isotopy...

Thursday, 17 September, 2015
Niklas Beisert, Dennis Muller, Jan Plefka, Cristian Vergu

We perform a detailed study of the Yangian symmetry of smooth supersymmetric Maldacena-Wilson loops in planar N=4 super Yang-Mills theory. This hidden symmetry extends the global superconformal...

Sunday, 13 September, 2015
Chiara Boccato, Serena Cenatiempo, Benjamin Schlein

We consider the many body quantum dynamics of systems of bosons interacting through a two-body potential N3β−1V(Nβx), scaling with the number of particles N. For 0<β<...

Tuesday, 8 September, 2015
Alain-Sol Sznitman

We consider a general enough set-up and obtain a refinement of the coupling between the Gaussian free field and random interlacements recently constructed by Titus Lupu in arXiv:1402.0298. We...

Monday, 7 September, 2015
Antti Knowles, Ron Rosenthal

We consider the adjacency operator of the Linial-Meshulam model for random simplicial complexes on n vertices, where each d-cell is added independently with probability p to the...

Saturday, 5 September, 2015
Julian Adamek, David Daverio, Ruth Durrer, Martin Kunz

Numerical simulations are a versatile tool providing insight into the complicated process of structure formation in cosmology. This process is mainly governed by gravity, which is the dominant...

Thursday, 3 September, 2015
Wei Qian, Wendelin Werner

We study the structure of Brownian loop-soup clusters in two dimensions. Among other things, we obtain the following decomposition of the clusters with critical intensity: When one conditions a...

Monday, 31 August, 2015
Miguel F. Paulos, Slava Rychkov, Balt C. van Rees, Bernardo Zan

We consider the question of conformal invariance of the long-range Ising model at the critical point. The continuum description is given in terms of a nonlocal field theory, and the absence of a...

Monday, 31 August, 2015
G. Farkas, R. Pandharipande

The moduli space of canonical divisors (with prescribed zeros and poles) on nonsingular curves is not compact since the curve may degenerate. We define a proper moduli space of twisted canonical...

Saturday, 15 August, 2015
Wendelin Werner

We describe simple properties of some soups of unoriented Markov loops and of some soups of oriented Markov loops that can be interpreted as a spatial Markov property of these loop-soups. This...