Thursday, 5 December, 2019
Domenico Orlando, Susanne Reffert, Jun-ichi Sakamoto, Yuta Sekiguchi, Kentaroh Yoshida

Integrable deformations of type IIB superstring theory on \mathrm{AdS}_5\times S^5 have played an important role over the last years. The Yang-Baxter deformation is a systematic way of...

Thursday, 5 December, 2019
Xavier Fernández-Real, Alessio Figalli

Our goal is to review the known theory on the one-dimensional obstacle problem for the wave equation, and to discuss some extensions. We introduce the setting established by Schatzman within...

Monday, 2 December, 2019
Alessio Figalli, Xavier Ros-Oton, Joaquim Serra

The goal of this paper is to establish generic regularity of free boundaries for the obstacle problem in \mathbb R^n. By classical results of Caffarelli, the free boundary is C^\infty outside a...

Monday, 2 December, 2019
Juerg Froehlich

The purpose of this paper is to sketch an approach towards a reconciliation of quantum theory with relativity theory. It will actually be argued that these two theories ultimately rely on one...

Friday, 29 November, 2019
Tomas Andrade, Christiana Pantelidou, Julian Sonner, Benjamin Withers

General relativity governs the nonlinear dynamics of spacetime, including black holes and their event horizons. We demonstrate that forced black hole horizons exhibit statistically steady...

Wednesday, 27 November, 2019
Ricardo Campos, Najib Idrissi, Thomas Willwacher

We compute small rational models for configuration spaces of points on oriented surfaces, as right modules over the framed little disks operad. We do this by splitting these surfaces in unions...

Wednesday, 27 November, 2019
Guzmán Hernández-Chifflet, Stefano Negro, Alessandro Sfondrini

We consider the most general set of integrable deformations extending the T\bar{T} deformation of two-dimensional relativistic QFTs. They are CDD deformations of the theory's factorised S-matrix...

Wednesday, 27 November, 2019
Enrico Marchetto, Alessandro Sfondrini, Zhou Yang

We consider current-current deformations that generalise T\bar{T} ones, and show that they may be also introduced for integrable spin chains. In analogy with the integrable QFT setup, we define...

Tuesday, 26 November, 2019
Enis Belgacem, Stefano Foffa, Michele Maggiore, Tao Yang

Recent work has shown that modified gravitational wave (GW) propagation can be a powerful probe of dark energy and modified gravity, specific to GW observations. We use the technique of Gaussian...

Tuesday, 19 November, 2019
Gil Badel, Gabriel Cuomo, Alexander Monin, Riccardo Rattazzi

In arXiv:1909.01269 it was shown that the scaling dimension of the lightest charge n operator in the U(1) model at the Wilson-Fisher fixed point in d=4−varepsilon can be computed semiclassically...

Monday, 18 November, 2019
Damon J. Binder, Slava Rychkov

When studying quantum field theories and lattice models, it is often useful to analytically continue the number of field or spin components from an integer to a real number. In spite of this,...

Thursday, 14 November, 2019
Florian Naef, Thomas Willwacher

Given a closed manifold M. We give an algebraic model for the Chas-Sullivan product and the Goresky-Hingston coproduct. In the simply-connected case, this admits a particularly nice description...