General Relativity and Modern Cosmology Course

Learning activities and course material for General Relativity and Modern Cosmology for high school students (A. Gasparini, A. Müller)

The University of Geneva proposes a course and several series of learning activities (in French) introducing high school pupils to General Relativity and Modern Cosmology. Subjects like cosmological expansion, cosmological equations, dark matter and dark energy, black holes, and gravitational waves are approached with a medium level of difficulty, i.e. based on a high school level in mathematics and physics.

This material was developed on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of General Relativity in 2015/16, with the aim to complete the “classical” physics curriculum with a modern, motivating subject.

Below you will find links for the entire course (9 chapters), series of exercises and the activities. The corrections for each series of exercises and for activities are available for teachers only, contacting  Alice Gasparini.



"Cosmologie et Relativité Générale: une première approche"  PPUR, février 2018

Séries d'exercices

Activités expérimentales


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