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  • New member: Adrián Sánchez Garrido (UNIGE, J. Sonner Group)

    Adrián is currently pursuing his PhD studying aspects of thermalization, complexity and entanglement in the frame of gauge/gravity duality under the supervision of Prof. Julian Sonner.... read more All news
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New Professors: Mikaela Iacobelli (ETH Zurich)

This is our latest video. You can watch all our videos on our YouTube channel. watch on youtube
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  • Compounds of symmetric informationally complete measurements and their application in quantum key distribution

    Armin Tavakoli, Ingemar Bengtsson, Nicolas Gisin, Joseph M. Renes

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  • Amanda Turner

    Visit: March 2019
    Location: Geneva
    Research project(s) :
    - Field theory
    - Quantum systems
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