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  • Exhibition - The mathematical world of M.C. Escher (UNIGE, 19 Feb - 26 April)

    This exhibition explores the recurring mathematical themes in the work of Dutch artist M.C. Escher (1898-1972).read more All news
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On The Interplay Of Random Curves W/CFT, E. Peltola (Aalto University)

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  • Towards Cosmography of the Local Universe

    Julian Adamek, Chris Clarkson, Ruth Durrer, Asta Heinesen, Martin Kunz, Hayley J. Macpherson

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  • Matthias Christandl

    Visit: July 2022
    Location: UNIGE
    Research project(s) :
    String Theory, Quantum Systems, Field Theory, Statistical Mechanics, Geometry, Topology and Physics
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