Conformal dimensions in the large charge sectors at the O(4) Wilson-Fisher fixed point

Monday, 25 February, 2019

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We study the O(4) Wilson-Fisher fixed point in 2+1 dimensions in fixed large-charge sectors identified by products of two spin-j representations (j_L, j_R). Using effective field theory we derive a formula for the conformal dimensions D(j_L, j_R) of the leading operator in terms of two constants, c3/2 and c1/2, when the sum j_L + j_R is much larger than the difference |j_L-j_R|. We compute D(j_L,j_R) when j_L = j_R with Monte Carlo calculations in a discrete formulation of the O(4) lattice field theory, and show excellent agreement with the predicted formula and estimate c_{3/2}=1.068(4) and c_{1/2}=0.083(3).


Debasish Banerjee
Shailesh Chandrasekharan
Domenico Orlando
Susanne Reffert