On Roth type conditions, duality and central Birkhoff sums for i.e.m

Saturday, 26 January, 2019

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We introduce two Diophantine conditions on rotation numbers of interval exchange maps (i.e.m) and translation surfaces: the \emph{absolute Roth type condition} is a weakening of the notion of Roth type i.e.m., while the \emph{dual Roth type} condition is a condition on the \emph{backward} rotation number of a translation surface. We show that results on the cohomological equation previously proved in \cite{MY} for restricted Roth type i.e.m. (on the solvability under finitely many obstructions and the regularity of the solutions) can be extended to restricted \emph{absolute} Roth type i.e.m. Under the dual Roth type condition, we associate to a class of functions with \emph{subpolynomial} deviations of ergodic averages (corresponding to relative homology classes) \emph{distributional} limit shapes, which are constructed in a similar way to the \emph{limit shapes} of Birkhoff sums associated in \cite{MMY3} to functions which correspond to positive Lyapunov exponents.


Stefano Marmi
Corinna Ulcigrai
Jean-Christophe Yoccoz