Thursday, 2 January, 2020
Gian Michele Graf, Hansueli Jud, Clément Tauber

We study the two-dimensional rotating shallow-water model describing Earth's oceanic layers. It is formally analogue to a Schrödinger equation where the tools from topological insulators are...

Wednesday, 1 January, 2020
Armin Tavakoli, Nicolas Gisin

The Platonic solids is the name traditionally given to the five regular convex polyhedra, namely the tetradron, the octahedron, the cube, the icosahedron and the dodecahedron. Perhaps strongly...

Friday, 27 December, 2019
Marius de Leeuw, Burkhard Eden, Dennis le Plat, Tim Meier, Alessandro Sfondrini

Correlation functions of gauge-invariant composite operators in N=4 super Yang-Mills theory can be computed by integrability using triangulations. The elementary tile in this process is the...

Thursday, 26 December, 2019
Giulia Cusin, Ruth Durrer, Irina Dvorkin

In this paper we study gravitational lensing of gravitational wave events. The main point of the present work is to introduce a semi-analytic approach so that each ingredient can be varied and...

Monday, 23 December, 2019
Joao Penedones, Joao A. Silva, Alexander Zhiboedov

We argue that nonperturbative CFT correlation functions admit a Mellin amplitude representation. Perturbative Mellin representation readily follows. We discuss the main properties of...

Saturday, 21 December, 2019
Jon Chaika, Krzysztof Frączek, Adam Kanigowski, Corinna Ulcigrai

We consider smooth flows preserving a smooth invariant measure, or, equivalently, locally Hamiltonian flows on compact orientable surfaces and show that, when the genus of the surface is two,...

Wednesday, 18 December, 2019
Denis Karateev, Simon Kuhn, Joao Penedones

We propose a new non-perturbative method for studying UV complete unitary quantum field theories (QFTs) with a mass gap in general number of spacetime dimensions. The method relies on unitarity...

Tuesday, 17 December, 2019
Michael Aizenman, Hugo Duminil-Copin

We prove that the scaling limits of spin fluctuations in four-dimensional Ising-type models with nearest-neighbor ferromagnetic interaction at or near the critical point are Gaussian. A similar...

Sunday, 15 December, 2019
Simon Brandhorst, Alberto Cattaneo

We characterize genera of even unimodular Z-lattices admitting an isometry of a given odd prime order. If the lattice is moreover indefinite, this leads to a classification of conjugacy classes...

Thursday, 12 December, 2019
Marcos Marino, Tomas Reis

According to standard lore, perturbative series of super-renormalizable theories have only instanton singularities. In this paper we show that two-dimensional scalar theories with a...

Friday, 6 December, 2019
Shai M. Chester, Walter Landry, Junyu Liu, David Poland, David Simmons-Duffin, Ning Su, Alessandro Vichi

We develop new tools for isolating CFTs using the numerical bootstrap. A "cutting surface" algorithm for scanning OPE coefficients makes it possible to find islands in high-dimensional spaces....

Thursday, 5 December, 2019
Domenico Orlando, Susanne Reffert, Jun-ichi Sakamoto, Yuta Sekiguchi, Kentaroh Yoshida

Integrable deformations of type IIB superstring theory on \mathrm{AdS}_5\times S^5 have played an important role over the last years. The Yang-Baxter deformation is a systematic way of...