Tuesday, 14 February, 2017
Miguel S. Costa, Lauren Greenspan, Joao Penedones, Jorge E. Santos

We numerically construct asymptotically AdS4 solutions to Einstein-Maxwell-dilaton theory. These have a dipolar electrostatic potential turned on at the conformal boundary S^2\times \...

Thursday, 2 February, 2017
Roberto Contino, Davide Greco, Rakhi Mahbubani, Riccardo Rattazzi, Riccardo Torre

We analyze the parametric structure of Twin Higgs (TH) theories and assess the gain in fine tuning which they enable compared to extensions of the Standard Model with colored top partners....

Tuesday, 31 January, 2017
Niklas Beisert, Aleksander Garus, Matteo Rosso

In this letter we establish Yangian symmetry of planar N=4 super-Yang-Mills theory. We prove that the classical equations of motion of the model close onto themselves under the action of Yangian...

Friday, 20 January, 2017
Alberto S. Cattaneo, Pavel Mnev, Nicolai Reshetikhin

We present a construction of cellular BF theory (in both abelian and non-abelian variants) on cobordisms equipped with cellular decompositions. Partition functions of this theory are invariant...

Friday, 13 January, 2017
Lorenz Eberhardt, Matthias R. Gaberdiel, Rajesh Gopakumar, Wei Li

The BPS spectrum of string theory on AdS_3\times {\rm S}^3 \times {\rm S}^3 \times {\rm S}^1 is determined using a world-sheet description in terms of WZW models. It is found that the theory...

Monday, 9 January, 2017
Andrea Agazzi, Amir Dembo, Jean-Pierre Eckmann

We prove a sample path Large Deviation Principle (LDP) for a class of jump processes whose rates are not uniformly Lipschitz continuous in phase space. Building on it we further establish the...

Friday, 6 January, 2017
Tudor S. Ratiu, Asilya Suleymanova, Andrei Shafarevich

The spectral series of the Schrödinger operator with a delta-potential on a three-dimensional compact spherically symmetric manifold in the semiclassical limit as h\to0 are described.

Thursday, 22 December, 2016
Santiago Codesido, Marcos Marino

We show that the all-orders WKB periods of one-dimensional quantum mechanical oscillators are governed by the refined holomorphic anomaly equations of topological string theory. We analyze in...

Thursday, 22 December, 2016
Giovanni Marozzi, Giuseppe Fanizza, Enea Di Dio, Ruth Durrer

In this Letter we study the impact on cosmological parameter estimation, from present and future surveys, due to lensing corrections on CMB temperature and polarization anisotropies beyond...

Thursday, 22 December, 2016
Jacob van den Berg, Pierre Nolin

We study frozen percolation on the (planar) triangular lattice, where connected components stop growing ("freeze") as soon as their "size" becomes at least N, for some parameter N≥1. The size of...

Wednesday, 21 December, 2016
Giovanni Marozzi, Giuseppe Fanizza, Enea Di Dio, Ruth Durrer

We investigate the weak lensing corrections to the CMB temperature and polarization anisotropies. We consider all the effects beyond the leading order: post-Born corrections, LSS corrections and...

Tuesday, 13 December, 2016
Grigory Mikhalkin, Arthur Renaudineau

The paper describes behavior of log-inflection points of curves in (\mathbb{C}^*)^2 under passing to the tropical limit. We show that such points accumulate by pairs at the midpoints of bounded...