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Tue, 07/11/2017

Congratulations to Hugo Duminil-Copin who received the the Loeve Prize, formally The Line and Michel Loeve International Prize in Probability.

The prize, awarded...

Mon, 09/10/2017

Hugo Duminil-Copin has received an ERC strating grant titled "Critical behavior of lattice models". The goal of the project is to use multiple techniques from probability,...

Tue, 17/10/2017

Congratulations to Clément Hongler who was awarded the Latsis University Prize for his work on statistical field theory.

The award ceremony will take place on...

Mon, 11/09/2017

During the 4th SwissMAP General Meeting in Grindelwald on September 10 - 13, 2017, a Mathscope session was organised by Shaula Fiorelli-Vilmart to showcase some of the...

Tue, 17/10/2017

NCCR SwissMAP is introducing family support grants  aimed at young researchers who need to care for their children without sacrificing their academic careers. In order to...


Tue, 31/10/2017
Vieri Mastropietro, Marcello Porta

The Drude weight is a central quantity for the transport properties of quantum spin chains. The canonical definition of...

Mon, 30/10/2017
Jean-Pierre Eckmann, C. Eugene Wayne

We study metastable motions in weakly damped Hamiltonian systems. These are believed to inhibit the transport of energy...

Thu, 26/10/2017
Christian Brennecke, Phan Thành Nam, Marcin Napiórkowski, Benjamin Schlein

We consider a system of N bosons interacting through a singular two-body potential scaling with N and having the form N^{3\...

Thu, 19/10/2017
Andrea Agazzi, Amir Dembo, Jean-Pierre Eckmann

In an earlier paper, we proved the validity of large deviations theory for the particle approximation of quite general...


07/01/2018 to 12/01/2018
Hotel Les Sources - Switzerland

The annual Winter School in Mathematical Physics of 2017 will take place in Les Diablerets in January 2018.

14/01/2018 to 19/01/2018
Riederalp, Art Furrer Resort - Switzerland

Anna Beliakova is organising the conference "Algebraic Structures in Topology and Geometry" which will be held on January 14-19, 2018 in Riederalp.

This is an...

08/04/2018 to 13/04/2018
CSF Ascona - Switzerland

The conference Geometric aspects of momentum maps and integrability will take place at the CSF Ascona, Switzerland, April 8-13, 2018.

17/06/2018 to 23/06/2018
Belalp - Switzerland

Tobias Ekholm, Ilia Itenberg and Grigory Mikhalkin are organizing the conference Patchworking of geometry and topology (on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of Oleg Viro...